Company profile

AIK Inženjering, a limited liability company, was founded in 1995. and has an almost three-decade long history of serving private and state clients in the field of construction. Over the years, AIK Inženjering has gained wider recognition and reputation as one of the prominent engineering firms in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

AIK Inženjering provides multidisciplinary services for a large number of projects in BiH, most of which are road and infrastructure projects, public and government buildings, and projects of hospitals and commercial / residential buildings for the public and private sectors in BiH.

Comprised of professionals with diverse experiences, the firm offers its services with a shared dedication to the task based on vision and design and the ability to provide a range of professional services required to meet the individual needs of projects in a changing environment.


The current level of staff is about 40 professionals, which includes civil engineers, geodesy engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, architects and other technical, IT and administrative support. The technical and professional staff is fully trained to provide specialized services at a high level. It is known that the complexity of many of today’s problems requires that the company’s resources are closely linked and coordinated in order to provide the best team and multidisciplinary approach in solving the integral problem of services.